What does CCI do?
CCI provides litigation support services, including court reporting and retrieval of all types of records (e.g., medical, pathology, billing, x-rays, social security, employment, banking, IRS, insurance), by subpoena, authorization or court order. Our clients are involved with cases ranging from one plaintiff to several thousand plaintiffs – personal injury to asbestos litigation to any class action litigation. CCI also electronically stores copies of all the records we obtain: Records Archive This has proven very useful for our clients when they are asked to provide copies to other counsel, or when records become misplaced. CCI can provide you with another copy almost instantly, or you can access your records online any time and from anywhere you wish, any time prior to conclusion of trial or settlement! In addition, CCI provides Process Service, Physician Locator Reports, Nursing and Chronological Medical Record Summaries and Deposition Summaries.
Why would I use CCI rather than obtaining the records myself?
Using CCI for your litigation support services allows you to focus on billable tasks while we focus on what we do best. When CCI retrieves the records, we use an established, dynamic database to locate custodians, and have state-of-the-art technology to track your requests, provide you with information 24/7, store your records, and provide the records to you in the format that works best for you. Plus, we advance all required prepayments, which can sometimes require multiple checks, so you don’t have to. In addition, using CCI as a third party may allow the records retrieval fees to be categorized as a reimbursable expense for plaintiffs’ counsel. We make the process less expensive for you and your clients, so give us a try today!
How much does it cost to obtain records?
CCI’s litigation support pricing structure is straightforward and has no hidden costs. Our extensive databases, experienced personnel and streamlined processes mean that we can provide our services at highly competitive rates. Our research shows that it is much less expensive for CCI to obtain the records than for firms to obtain the records themselves. We also bill third parties, such as Insurance Companies directly. Please contact us, and we can quickly and easily provide you with pricing information.
Can CCI obtain any type of records?
Absolutely! We list some of the more common types of records we obtain on our website (e.g., medical, pathology, billing, x-rays, social security, employment, banking, IRS, insurance), but give us a call Contact Us or use our online order form and let us use our expertise to obtain the medical or any other records you need from within the US or abroad. From a single personal injury case to a massive class action lawsuit, CCI is the place people turn when they need records quickly and efficiently.
How long does it take to obtain records?
CCI can obtain records on a “rush” basis at your request – we may be able to turn around your order in as little as 24 hours, and will do all it takes to fulfill any of your records requests within your designated time frames.
There are numerous opposing counsel in my case – how can CCI help with the logistics of providing copies?
When CCI obtains records by subpoena, we can notice the service list, and provide copies to opposing counsel. Similarly, if we obtain your records by authorization, it is your choice whether we offer to provide copies to any other counsel. (We bill other counsel directly.) If using CCI for this purpose would ease your burden in providing copies to other attorneys, please let us know! We want to be your litigation support service of choice. See Records Retrieval for more detail.
What format can I get my records in?
CCI can make your fully searchable records available for online viewing and printing, burn them to a searchable CD, and we can make them available to you via FTP download. If desired, we can also provide you with a hard copy of your records to your specifications. See Records Retrieval for more detail.
I need my records in a specific hard copy format – can CCI accommodate me?
CCI has a wide variety of options for presentation of your records. We have state-of-the-art equipment on site to copy, sort, 2- or 3-hole punch, paginate and bind your records. We also place the records in chronological order, and can tab and index your records, or place them in binders, to your exact specifications. If you need something else, just tell us! CCI is the litigation support service of choice for hundreds of firms – let us show you why!
I would like to try CCI – how do I place an order?
CCI makes it simple and fast to place an order – we will accommodate whatever is easiest for you. You can fill out our online order form Online Order Form; fax, e-mail, or phone us with the information; or merely request that we pull the information directly from the interrogatory responses. If you would like to use another method, just let us know! At any time in the process, you can contact the legal support Client Representative dedicated to your account to answer any of your questions.
I have other questions that are not listed here-what should I do?
Contact us!!!! We would love to hear from you.
What type of court reporting can CCI provide?
CCI has experienced, certified court reporters for standard, medical and technical depositions. We can provide real-time court reporting and email transcript delivery, ASCII disks, condensed transcripts with key word indexes, and videotaped depositions.