Record Archives

Digital Record Archives

Track all your record requests in one easily accessible place

As a CCI client, you will have real-time online access to the most comprehensive and modern online tracking and status reporting system in the legal support industry. Our proprietary database offers immediate access to the information you need, when you need it!

The CCI Records Status and Automated Reporting System offers:

- Real-time, online access for instant status reports on any records request

- Access to your records, which can be digitally archived for instant retrieval at any point before or during trial or settlement (fully OCR searchable)

- Modern and intuitive form-based screens for data entry and retrieval

- Context-sensitive assistance available within every field

- Complete HIPAA compliance for medical records

- A secure server with individual client password protection

Automated Reporting

With the CCI database, record requests are systematically tracked. Plus you have the ability to click on the records request, and have online access to your OCR searchable records. No need to worry about misplaced records, or a last-minute need for an extra copy, even if you're not in your office. Log-on from anywhere using your unique password, and you will have the records at your fingertips!

The CCI Records Status offers complete peace of mind to our clients. Secure authorization with off-site backup and storage with triple redundancy protocols ensure our litigation support services clients receive full protection against any potential loss due to system failure and the highest possible level of availability. Place an order today and see why so many law firms and insurance companies rely on CCI to be their legal support provider.