Process Service

Our in-house staff of trained and experienced process service professionals will serve all the documents that your federal, state or bankruptcy case requires, anywhere in the United States, including:

- Subpoenas for depositions and/or documents
- Trial subpoenas
- Summonses and complaints
- Citations, orders notices, TRO's and injunctions
- Courthouse filings
- Rush service (24 hrs)
- Quick turnaround times

CCI's goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get all of your legal papers served as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Working on an E-File case? No problem – CCI is the first litigation support firm in Texas to be registered as a third-party filer on LexisNexis File and Serve.

Tired of cutting checks and worrying about detailed billing? No need to worry about fees - we will advance any necessary costs, and include them in an itemized invoice once we have completed your order.

Contact us today for all of your process service and other litigation support needs!